Some Tokens of Perspective

It’s important to keep things in perspective during life. A few easy thoughts can help remind us of the perspective of real reality versus the material perception of underlying reality during our day to day encounters and struggles of life. “Material” is a useful word here because it carries similar connotations in the sense of discussion of reality and also in our society’s discussion of lifestyle. 

When we say someone is fixated on the material (in the various ways we might say that phrase) we mean it as a negative aspect of the person. Either they are “greedy” or “shallow” or “self-centered.” Similarly when we say “the material world” when discussing reality we are describing a lower order of energy or something less than pure Ether or “spirit” or Ether made dense or separated out. This idea carries a negative connotation.

So now here are a few ideas to think about: 

  • No-thing is worth trading your life for except your own life or the life of another if you so choose to sacrifice yourself for other life.
  • How much is a day of your experience worth?
  • How indescribably amazing is everything you see around you at this moment when you ponder the countless atoms forming structures so large your eyes can see them? How much more amazing are the human beings around you, being structures of atoms so complex that they perceive atoms and have a life and consciousness of their own just like yours?
  • We know so little but we believe so much.
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Solipsism + Objectivism = Collectivism

What is the nature of reality?

1. Solipsism

If a lay man were to describe Solipsism it would be this: “All that exists is in your imagination, or nothing exists outside of your imagination.” While that explanation is technically sufficient, it  doesn’t very well actually explain Solipsism to the lay person. It is far better to think of Solipsism in these terms: “Nothing existed before you, and everything that exists is you.” This is something we can actually follow back to the source and understand what it means more precisely and deeply.

The moment this reality you are experiencing did exist is the exact same moment you did become a cell inside your mother’s body (realize, this is in this reality only, and does not in any way address any possible reality before this moment). Everything that did exist after that moment and “before” that moment (think about all the history you think you “know”) was “created” by you (method of which is not explored further here). This necessitates that there was in REAL reality, no history as we know it in THIS reality, before you were in this reality.

Your mother, father, house, cat, computer, history, every word ever spoken, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, everything you know of, just EVERYTHING-period exists because you made it exist in this reality that is you.

You see now what is meant when one says Solipsism means “Everything that exists is in your imagination.” You must realize, you could not have an imagination with which to create yourself to imagine reality unless something did create that possibility. This means that all that exists is Possibility. Possibility can be synonymous with Potential. If we are perceiving through the current lens of Solipsism, this means that YOU are Possibility.

That is mind-bending to consider. The impact of this understanding would be so far reaching in need of exploration that it would likely consume the entire earth just to record the data of the explanation of Possibility. Indeed, it would since the Earth is but one Possibility out of infinity.

I feel I should offer an understanding of infinity here: often you will here infinity explained as a number that never ends. This is not my understanding of infinity because it necessitates the existence of time because a number cannot “never end” unless it also “never began.” Rather my preferred understanding of infinity is that of Possibility being a possibility of Possibility and Possibility possibly being a possibility of THAT Possibility on and on in a logic loop. This means that if Possibility somehow made all possibilities it would not cease to be Possible, rather, it could start making itself possible and this can never be impossible.

Now think if that was YOU (i.e. you are Possibility) and you better understand the deep meaning of Solipsism, one form of “POSSIBLE” explanations for reality.

 2. Objectivism

My understanding of Objectivism as a way to understand reality is not entirely clear because in the Objective understanding of reality, it is extremely hard to trace a line of reality and the Source is ultimately unknown. It implies that all things that exist did and do exist and did and can continue to exist without an Experiencer.

I tend to think of it as if the history of “time” up to the very edge of “now” and all that existed in that time frame is like a movie reel playing on a screen. If you had the ability to stop the movie, pull the reel off, unwind it and inspect the picture “frame by frame” you would be able to see all of reality played back in a very definite time line.

In this understanding you are basically an object that interacts with the movie playing on the screen. You come to exist for a while in a time line that already existed before you and will exist after you. You play your part and then you most likely leave by dying (free-will or pre-destiny need not be of matter here since the future on the “movie reel” does not, in necessity have to exist since “time” is a necessity of the Objective understanding. In “time” a past is guaranteed but a future is not).

That is as far as my exploration of Objectivism has taken me. I know there are a multitude of nuances that could be inserted here that alter the understanding in small ways, but the deeper understanding of you as a player in an already existing reality is here and that was what we were seeking.

3. Collectivism

It is useful to understand Collectivism here as the merging of Solipsism with Objectivism. While technically that is a logical impossibility because Solipsism easily envelops and consumes Objectivism, since the entire Objective universe could actually be a single possibility of the all Possibility. We will keep this technical detail in our minds, but set it aside temporarily in order to assist our understanding of Collectivism.

Collectivism necessitates two things: First, there is a Prime Source which is all Possibility. This must be in the Collective reality viewpoint because Something exists. There is not nothing. We cannot even discuss reality without realizing this fact because it is in fact “possible” for us to be “discussing reality” and that single act carries an infinite number of possibilities with it.

Second, the all Possibility, being the source of all that is, must be fragmented in the Collective reality viewpoint. This is necessary because you can be fairly certain that other people and things actually do exist in the REAL reality (though this must remain forever an assumption because again, this could be a possibility of Solipsism, hence why I said “you can be fairly certain”).

Taking these two necessities of Collectivism together we see clearly that we are all part of the same Source Possibility but that we are each having an individual experience inside of some type of reality. We can individually affect the reality around us, but we cannot individually alter the entire reality at any instant.

This understanding of reality would mean that each individual is experiencing their own sub-reality of a greater whole-reality. Like a tree in a forest or a drop of water in the ocean, we have our own reality but we are not ALL reality in our current reality. Each person is like a slice of reality in the cake that makes up the whole, and each individual can alter other’s slices of reality in various ways but no single individual can become suddenly all slices of all reality and turn the cake into a pie.


I feel Collectivism offers the most logical and heartfelt explanation of our current reality, which is what we are trying to understand right now. This is why it matters what we think and do at these moments of great importance that we are in currently. We are clearly on the verge of a very large change in reality and we must be certain to be the slice of cake we wish the whole cake to be.

It is very important to avoid negative energy in this time. We will know it when we feel it. It is important to understand the negative energy and what its source is and correct it. We have to be very attentive to all things coming at us and assimilate those that we feel to be of benefit. We have to be entirely honest with ourselves and face things which we may be afraid of facing.

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From Wikipedia: 


“”The id is the unorganized part of the personality structure which contains the basic drives. The id acts according to the “pleasure principle”, seeking to avoid pain or displeasure aroused by increases in instinctual tension.[2]

The id is unconscious by definition:
“It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learned from our study of the dream-work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of that is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.”[3]

In the id,
“contrary impulses exist side by side, without cancelling each other out….There is nothing in the id that could be compared with negation…nothing in the id which corresponds to the idea of time.”[4]

Developmentally, the id precedes the ego; i.e. the psychic apparatus begins, at birth, as an undifferentiated id, part of which then develops into a structured ego. Thus, the id:
“…contains everything that is inherited, that is present at birth, is laid down in the constitution — above all, therefore, the instincts, which originate from the somatic organization, and which find a first psychical expression here (in the id) in forms unknown to us.” [5]


The mind of a newborn child is regarded as completely “id-ridden”, in the sense that it is a mass of instinctive drives and impulses, and needs immediate satisfaction, a view which equates a newborn child with an id-ridden individual—often humorously—with this analogy: an alimentary tract with no sense of responsibility at either end, paraphrasing a quip made by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan during his 1965 campaign for Governor of California in which he compared government to a baby [6].

The id is a part of the unconscious structure of personality, which attempts to reduce tension and gain pleasure. It is composed of two different, competing groups of instincts–the desire for life and sex (controlled by the libido) and the desire for death and aggression. These competing instincts build up in the id, causing tension. The tension can only be relieved by reflex actions, physical symptoms, or mental images. For example, if an infant is hungry, the instinct of hunger creates tension. The pleasure principle causes the id to try to relieve this tension. The infant is able to relieve the tension by sucking on his thumb. [7]

The id is responsible for our basic drives, “knows no judgements of value: no good and evil, no morality…Instinctual cathexes seeking discharge — that, in our view, is all there is in the id.”[8] It is regarded as “the great reservoir of libido”,[9] the instinctive drive to create — the life instincts that are crucial to pleasurable survival. Alongside the life instincts came the death instincts — the death drive which Freud articulated relatively late in his career in “the hypothesis of a death instinct, the task of which is to lead organic life back into the inanimate state.”[10] For Freud, “the death instinct would thus seem to express itself — though probably only in part — as an instinct of destruction directed against the external world and other organisms.”[11]: through aggression. Freud considered that “the id, the whole person…originally includes all the instinctual impulses…the destructive instinct as well.”[12] as Eros or the life instincts.””


Whether you read or skimmed I’m sure you see that the Id is basically considered an animal within man. It has no thinking and only seeks material and immediate gratification.

Entity is the present tense form of Latin esse or essence; essence is simply that without which something cannot exist.

So what is an Id-entity then? And why is the system so intent on “Id-entifying” you? Why must you have a system registered and recognized id-entity to participate in almost all commerce?

The system is set up so that you basically do not exist without your ID.

It’s something to think about.

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Power Struggle

Evil has no power except that which we give it. The universe is made of Love, Light, and Life; evil is the absence of those things which make up the universe. It is a void asking to be filled and animated. It is an empty shell desiring to be as powerful as LLL but rather than be what is good it must manifest Hate, Darkness and Death. To stop feeding it, we must simply turn away. It cannot grab us from behind and pull us into itself. We have to choose to enter the void and use our power of life to press away from goodness in order for evil to have any power.

We all must refuse to enforce laws of man which infringe upon laws of the universe. We have to always love and move toward light and life in our minds and consequently our actions. Everything we do matters. It matters what we think and how we act. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is not just a meaningless slogan, it is actual reality. We all make up the whole which makes up the world we live in.

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You Exist (the purpose of life)

I want you to stop reading for about ten seconds and think about this statement… You exist. Is it not amazing when we stop life and take a moment to realize we are alive? You are not nothing. There is no ‘nothing’ in this entire experience because everything is something. Beyond the words on this page, beyond the body (your brain) that is reading these words, beyond the sky outside, beyond the farthest reaches of the “universe” there is something. Stuff exists.

This matters because the “purpose” of this experience we call life can be realized through meditation on the fact that you exist. We have been drawn into our bodies so much through the prison we have built for ourselves that we often think we are our bodies. It is the ultimate insanity to think we are bodies. We ARE the everything. All bodies (of any type) are simply manifestations of energy that are active at a certain frequency. When we “inhabit” a body and call it ourselves we are actually manifesting a projection of energy into a world that is a grand collection of other manifestations which are on the same wavelength as us.

It is by inhabiting the body that we are able to interact with, and perceive the other manifestations in the way that we do.  My body can sit on a “chair” because I am manifesting a body which is at a frequency which correlates to the frequency of the chair as a manifestation of energy. You are not your body, but your body is a representation of your energy. The same way that a photo of “you” is not “you” but rather a representation of “you” on a piece of paper or a computer screen.

Such is our current existence.  The purpose of which is to find out what it is. What is THIS? The word ‘THIS’ in this instance must be taken to mean the whole of literally everything you can possibly imagine. And so we have moved on from the greatest question of Philosophy of the past history of man “What is the purpose of life?” to a new question “What is THIS?” The question “What is THIS?” means “Why is anything?”

We are at a point in our experience of existence now where we must begin to put aside our perceived reality which is comprised of only a small frequency band of energy and begin to focus our attention beyond our current limited perception and into the something that is everything.

Remember next time you are experiencing difficulties in this existence that You exist and you are not your body. You are pure energy and your body is simply a manifestation of your energy into a collection of other manifestations in the same frequency range as you. You are part of the amazingly inexplicable ‘Everything’ and You can not be killed, your representation can just be nullified for a moment in time. Think of when you burn a photo of a person, you do not burn that person, you only burn a representation of that person but the person continues on and other new photos could be created of that person.

We are starting to break through this frequency; evidenced by the fact that we are able to contemplate things of this nature and begin to grasp them, even if only at a rudimentary level.

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2012 Year of Change

It is now 2012; this year will be the year we begin our journey down one of two paths. One leads us to enslavement and oppression, further cementing us in this material world to be ruled over by the spirit of evil. The other, the right path or the only path we must ultimately take, leads us to the source of all that is, which is energy that we feel as love.

We must choose to end this ridiculous suffering we have put upon ourselves for so long by ‘waking up’ and living with compassion and real intelligence known as heart, felt as ‘knowing.’ We’re done with this lesson. The control structure is coming down; it’s weak and it’s losing it’s grip on our minds. Our souls are breaking through, we’re starting to know more, starting to trust ourselves to know what is right for us as a species and we’re starting to care. We’re not mindless children anymore. This year will mark a time in history when that fact became apparent and we never went back.

Families will stop falling apart. We will stop allowing the control structure to program us through the TV. We will feed those who are hungry and extend love and caring to everyone around us. Soldiers will refuse to kill. We will not be tricked by politicians anymore. We will stop consuming trash simply because we will discover true life. We will not fear each other because we will know we are all part of the whole. What I do to you, I do to myself and vice versa.

The control structure will look like a silly clown’s joke within 10 years. When we stop feeding the evil, the evil stops because it has no power except that which we give it. Simply turn away from evil, separation and fear and move in the opposite direction, toward love, compassion and unity. That is real living and that is what we are all going to start doing this year.

Oppression is over because we are putting an end to it.

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